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Simply in Awe

2022 was quite the amazing year. We started the year with Felicity being born on New Years Day (1/1). And we ended the year with my first grand baby, Athena, being born on New Year's Eve (12/31).

The year will go down as one of the most challenging I can remember, but God's blessings were just like bookends, to act as a reminder that He had us the entire time. He never left us.

So many times we found ourselves not knowing what was next, where all we had was our faith and it seemed like NOTHING more. But God was not only faithful, He was just plain GOOD to us. He sustained us when we didn't know how we would make it. We didn't know what would come in the morning.

As the year wound down and 2023 kicked off, all of a sudden all of the many pieces started to come together with such intricate detail and in such a fashion that we could never have scripted, no matter how great the imaginations amongst us. I do not know what lies before us. But I know a Savior who does and who can calm the roughest storm.

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